Pluta, MatthewWe are pleased to announce that Matthew Pluta has joined the organization as our new Choptank Riverkeeper.

Matt Pluta has a Bachelor of Science degree in environmental studies from the Penn State Behrend School of Science. He spent a year interning with the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection conducting water quality analysis, erosion monitoring, and fish analysis. Thereafter he worked for Pennsylvania Sea Grant managing environmental programs and developing workshops for professionals, and as a field technician with the Penn State Institute of Energy and Environment. Next Pluta spent two years as the program manager for Environment Erie, a non-profit in western Pennsylvania fighting for the health of Lake Erie.

MRC Executive Director Tim Junkin says, “We are thrilled to have Matt onboard as our new Choptank Riverkeeper. I know he will be an asset to our work and our mission.”

With the hiring of Pluta, MRC now has ten full-time river champions working at every level to preserve and protect our rivers. Over the past year we were supported by nearly 1,000 volunteers as well as by an engaged and caring community. Our able staff has been able to attract project grant funds of over one million dollars to support our many pollution-reduction projects, our education program, and our relentless advocacy work.

Matt Pluta, the new Choptank Riverkeeper, says, “After moving to the Eastern Shore, I was happy to discover an organization whose mission is to strongly support the fight for clean water on every level. Anxious to learn more, I met with members of the MRC team only to be impressed with the growth, accomplishments and support that they’ve achieved in the community. Coming from the Great Lakes region where I gained my experience fighting the same battle for clean water, I’ve been eager to work with the people and communities of the Midshore watersheds who strongly depend on and influence our land and waterways. The quality of our environment does not only influence our rivers and bay but also the people that occupy the land and work the waters. It’s a privilege to join the MRC team and lead efforts to fulfill our mission by bringing awareness, implementing projects, and advocating for the health of our waters and communities.”

Contact Matt by email at, or phone 443.385.0511.