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Cambridge residents eager to help cut pollution in the Chesapeake Bay and solve water-related problems in their own yards packed into a meeting organized by the Cambridge Clean Water Advisory Committee at a time when a proposed federal budget would eliminate funding to clean up the Bay. The advisory committee is comprised of six entities: Nanticoke Watershed Alliance, the City of Cambridge, Chesapeake Bay Foundation, Dorchester Citizens for Planned Growth, Midshore Riverkeeper Conservancy, and University of Maryland Sea Grant Extension.

The Residential Water Quality Workshop, held at the Dorchester County Public Library March 22, aimed to explain ways to reduce the large amount of pollution-laden water that runs off roofs and yards, then into local waterways and the Bay.

The meeting also kicked off the Cambridge Residential Stewardship Initiative, a program to give five private property owners in the city free expert advice and construction to resolve water issues they experience, such as flooding, standing water and storm water management. The five will be chosen and notified by April 7.

Residents who attended the meeting received complimentary rain barrels, applications for the Stewardship Initiative and detailed information on ways to capture and use rain water before it can flow off their property, carrying pollution from roof shingles and roads into local waterways and the Bay. Attendance was required as a first step to applying for the Stewardship Initiative.

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