About Us

outreach2Midshore  RIVERKEEPER® Conservancy (MRC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the restoration and protection of the Choptank, Miles, and Wye Rivers, and Eastern Bay, and all of their tributaries. The organization serves as an advocate for the health of these tributaries and the living resources they support.

Midshore RIVERKEEPER® Conservancy strives to provide education, outreach, and restoration programs. These programs promote environmental awareness of the essential role these rivers and streams play in the community, of the issues that threaten their health and vitality, and of the solutions that must be implemented to preserve them.

All our staff provide on-the-water vigilance, work to strengthen and enforce sensible environmental policies, test our waters regularly, assess and address pollution sources, and seek to work collaboratively with our community constituencies to reduce watershed pollution in meaningful ways, enhancing the vitality and health of our Eastern Shore home. We serve as an uncompromising voice for our waterways.

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New Renewal Letter January 2015