Citizen Action


Every citizen in the community can take action to protect our waterways, to preserve them for our children.  Here is a list of 6 simple steps you can take to improve our rivers.

  1. Fertilize your lawn as little as possible! If soil tests suggest your lawn would benefit from fertilizer, apply it in the fall and be sure to avoid fertilizing near ditches, storm drains, or waterways.
  2. Waste disposal. Upgrade and pump out your septic systems every three to five years. New septic systems could reduce the amount of nitrogen reaching the water by 50%. Pick up after pets. This makes a difference, too.
  3. Raise your own oysters!  Participate in our Maryland Grow Oysters Program and see them grow and improve water quality off your own dock.  For more information, contact Miles-Wye Riverkeeper Jeff Horstman at or Oyster Captain Elle O’Brien at
  4. Take ownership of your roadside ditch.  Mow your ditch less than 3 times a year or transform it into a bioretention garden.
  5. Support local farms.  Buy local, responsible, and sustainable products.  Enroll in a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program.
  6. Support, donate to, and volunteer for a local watershed organization. MIDSHORE RIVERKEEPER CONSERVANCY offers many opportunities.