Report a Problem

An important goal of Midshore RIVERKEEPER® Conservancy is to help people in our watersheds resolve river-related problems. By reporting problems, you can play an important role in preserving our rivers.

You should immediately contact us or call the appropriate municipal agency, if you discover any of the following problems:

  • Fish kill
  • Sewage spill
  • Non sewage spill, e.g. oil, chemicals, other waste
  • Muddy water from construction sites
  • Stream buffer (critical area) destruction

In order to document the problem, note the exact location. Take pictures without trespassing on private property if you can. Try to identify the source.

Problems and concerns may also be reported via the app. Issues logged at will be directed to the appropriate Riverkeeper, and monitored with status updates.

Provided below is contact information for who handles what type of problems:

Fish kill 

During Normal Work Hours: All incoming fish kill reports should be directed to the Maryland Department of the Environment’s Fish Kill Investigation Section (443-482-2731) or (800-285-8195)

During Evenings, Weekends and Holidays: Calls should be directed to The Chesapeake Bay Safety and Environmental Hotline (1-877-224-7229) or MEMA (1-866-633-4686). The dispatcher then immediately contacts the on call Duty Biologist from the MDE Fish Kill Response Program.

Algae blooms

Report algae blooms directly by calling either the MDE hotline at 866-MDE-GOTO (866-633-4686) or the DNR fish health hotline at
For more information about health concerns, contact the DHMH Environmental Helpline at (866-703-3266) or e-mail:
​​​ ​

Hazardous material or oil spills

  • MD Dept. of the Environment (MDE) (Emergency Response)
    866.633.4686 (toll-free)

Public sewer leak/septic leak or overflow

    • Kent Island and Stevensville
      Kent Island and Stevensville Public Sewer
    • Queen Anne’s County
      Queen Anne’s County Environmental Health Dept.
    • Talbot County
      Talbot County Environmental Health Dept.
    • Dorchester County
      Dorchester County Environmental Health Dept.
    • Caroline County
      Caroline County Environmental Health Dept.
    • If they are not responsive
      MD Dept. of the Environment (MDE) (Emergency Response)
      866.633.4686 (toll-free)

Violation of Critical Area

      • Caroline County
        Caroline Planning Codes and Engineering
      • Queen Anne’s County
        Sediment Control
      • Dorchester County
        Planning and Zoning (Brian Soper)
      • Cambridge
        Engineering Dept. (Brent Jett)
      • Talbot County
        Public Works Planning Office
      • If they are not responsive, contact MD Critical Area Commission
        Talbot County Jurisdiction (Jennifer Anderson)
      • Caroline, Dorchester, and Queen Anne’s Counties Jurisdictions (Julie Roberts)

Construction stormwater runoff

      • Caroline County
        Caroline Soil Conservation District
        410.479.1202 ext. 3
      • Dorchester County
        Dept. of Public Works (Greg LeBlanc)
      • Dorchester County Soil Conservation District
        410-228-3733 ext. 3
      • Talbot County
        Office of Public Works
      • Queen Anne’s County
        Sediment Control
      • If they are not responsive
        MDE (Emergency Response)
        866.633.4686 (toll-free)

Sediment or wetland problem

      • MDE (Emergency Response)
        866.633.4686 (toll-free)

Speeding or polluting boater, including oil spills

  • DNR Police Hot Line
    410.260.8888 (Emergencies)

Fishing violation

  • DNR Police Hot line
    410.260.8888 (Emergencies)