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Waterkeepers Chesapeake Welcomes New Partnership with glassybaby!

Glassybabies are hand-blown votives that come in an array of dazzling colors. In addition to the creation of a beautiful votive, the company “is devoted to giving hope, beauty, kindness and millions of dollars to help people, animals and our planet heal.”

Waterkeepers Chesapeake focuses on advocating for a cleaner healthier Chesapeake Bay. MRC is part of an alliance of 19 Waterkeepers that monitor and care for all the rivers that enter the Chesapeake Bay, in a watershed which covers six states.

Recently, we were approached by one of our fellow Waterkeepers to create a partnership with glassybaby to launch their new votive, called Chesapeake. Part of the mission of glassybaby is to give back to communities and raise awareness of causes which deserve our attention.

The result of this new bi-coastal partnership is the new and beautiful glassybaby named Chesapeake, their first dip into the Chesapeake Bay watershed. It captures the colors and clarity that are the essence of the Bay. Under their Power of Giving program, 10% of each Chesapeake glassybaby will be donated to Waterkeepers Chesapeake to help support their work from New York to Virginia. NOTE: Waterkeepers Chesapeake will receive 10% of ALL SALES (not just Chesapeake) made during Waterfowl Festival (November 10-12) and up to 2 weeks afterwards. Use the code “waterfowl” when ordering.

With the holiday season fast approaching, these make beautiful gifts for friends and family. To help spread the word about our new artful way to give, please forward this link onto your network of Chesapeake Bay supporters:

Please consider investing in one or a gaggle of Chesapeakes glassybabies that will bring beauty to your surroundings as well as give toward a healthier Chesapeake Bay.

Click HERE to purchase your Chesapeake today!